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Floor covering removal by Rhino Floor Prep. We do floor covering removal and shot blasting, specializing in hard to remove surfaces. We are able to remove carpet, ceramic tile, wood, VCT, sheet vinyl and linoleum, sports floors, rubber gym floors, even epoxy coatings. Located in Oklahoma City , we do work throughout the Southwest and Midwest.  

Watch our machine in action

We have the ability to do any large job whether it be commercial, industrial or residential. Our specialized riding equipment can typically reduce the time of your floor preparation and floor covering removal by 50 to 80%. This means significantly less time to completion of any construction or remodel job, which translates to efficiency and savings.

If you've ever had new flooring material installed and had to replace it while the adhesive was still fresh you know how demanding, both physically, emotionally, and time wise it can be to stay on schedule. We are able take off, quickly and with little physical effort, both the floor covering and mastic so the mechanic reinstalling the materials is not fighting the residual adhesive. Flooring Contractors, General Contractors, and Business owners agree that everybody WINS when Rhino Floor Prep is brought in for your floor covering removal needs.



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